l'indigo est souvent qualifié de « septième couleur » de l'arc-en-ciel depuis Isaac Newton. Here the artist uses real size prints of transparent negatives of her most recent work that displays nude bodies of men, women and couples in their most intimate and vulnerable state : the way they were born. She works with dry flowers and plants to create unique visual imageries where humanity meets the organic world. Her cyanotypes express the relationship between humans and nature, between humans and their own nature. In this modern age the physical appearance is everything, consequently aging and various body transformations that a person goes through in their life can be experienced as difficult or even traumatic. De La Palma’s desire is to open a sacred space through photography to create a dialogue with oneself. Through her eyes she sees beauty in the variety of the body types, how the light touches muscles, curves or the folds of our skin. She doesn’t see a nude body in front of her but rather lights and shadows ; the essence of one’s being.